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Desktop single chamber vacuum packaging machine

Desktop single chamber vacuum packaging machine

Uses and characteristics:
DZ-430 PT/2 desktop vacuum packaging machine for small businesses and shop design of small vacuum packaging machine, this machine is compact, pumping speed, especially the vacuum cover special hinges for labor-saving device to solve the traditional hinged hard problems.
products size (mm): 560x425x340
vacuum room volume (mm): 450x370x90
hot seal effective size (mm): 430x8
work voltage, and frequency (v, and HZ): 220, and 50
motor power (kW): 0.37
production cycle (bags/seconds): 30
two hot sealing article of Center from (mm): 315
limit vacuum degrees (k PA): ≤ 1.0
pumping speed of vacuum pump (m 3/h): 10
number of heat sealing (): 2
packaging dimensions (mm): 670x510x450
net weight (kg): 44
gross weight (kg): 52


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