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BYZ50-II valve bags vacuum packing machine

BYZ50-II valve bags vacuum packing machine

Structure and principle of
    the product is our company introduces international advanced technology, combined with years of experience, developed a new type of nano-powder vacuum packing machine. Vacuum adsorption technology is widely used in liquid, gas content of ultra fine powder materials quantitative automatic packaging. Technical characteristics
/>    1, the use of advanced vacuum technology, to exclude material of gas, improving filling effect;
    2 fully enclosed design, vacuum packing room, when there is no dust, no pollution, and excellent environmental effects;
    3, advanced weighing control system Electrical control unit are used international well-known brand imports components, performance stable reliable;
    4, and has material bit automatically detects and standby function, automatically measurement, automatically downtime;
    5, and full Board digital adjustable school and the parameter set, has single package weight set value, and automatically peeled, and automatically school 0, and automatically drop amendment, and super poor alarm and fault since diagnosis, function, operation simple, easy maintenance; < BR-/>    6, valve bags, automatic sealing and without sewing, fast, easy operation.


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