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The selection of single and double Chamber vacuum packaging machine

in the course of daily sales, type of vacuum packaging machine is often needed to help customers choose, today I experience and relevant selection of analyse.

    in their daily sales process, often encounter customers ask pay-Chamber vacuum machine good dual-Chamber vacuum machine is good, or ask a single room and double-Chamber vacuum machine what is the difference? Because everybody is asking questions is relatively concentrated, today I'm here to explain.

  single-chamber vacuum packaging machine is only a vacuum chamber machines, its volume is relatively small, because only because of a vacuum chamber, compared with the two-room, its yield is low. It must wait for the previous package when placed next to wrapped objects. Because of this, it has a low efficiency.

    double Chamber vacuum packaging machine is different, it has two vacuum chambers, using flip-style vacuum cover, you can switch on the left and right vacuum chamber, colloquially speaking, left of the vacuum chamber when the vacuum, the vacuum chamber can start placing the product on the right, this artificial efficiency is promoted. Left over, you can move the cover to the right, you can rearrange the products on the left. Efficiency will naturally improve.
above is the difference between two vacuum machines, you need to choose what kind of vacuum machine, it is necessary to consider the situation itself, generally have the following:
1, day of vacuum packaging. If the package is large, then you need to select the dual-Chamber vacuum sealing machine
2, being the size of packaging products. The larger, relatively select models will be more
3, plans for the future. Need to purchase vacuum with a view of the development of things. Double Chamber machines you don't now, may soon be used to it.
all in all, we can not separate from the type of vacuum packaging machine decided to buy. Need to consider.


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