Sealing device for vacuum packaging machine
Vacuum packaging machine heat seal device is installed in the vacuum chamber, usually two groups, there is also a group, generally single-chamber vacuum packing machine heat seal device is installed on the bottom of the vacuum chamber, and the dual-Chamber vacuum packing machine heat seal device mounted on the vacuum cover.
activities part device main by following parts composition, hot seal balloon box fixed in Shang vacuum room, two head has Guide column, and spring composition reset device, hot frame seat two head has Guide sets, sets in Guide column Shang, hot seal balloon box and the hot frame seat Zhijian has hot seal balloon, hot seal balloon has used plastic pipes, two head with clip tube clip live, also useful rubber water rubber stick processing, Central are has a gas mouth, hot frame seat Shang fixed has ring oxygen board processing of hot frame body, two head has volume with copper column head, Chromium-nickel heating coil with copper cylinder head wind up fixed heating outside covered with a layer of heat seal temperature.


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