Replacement of the vacuum packaging machine heating-method
  New customers in the use of the machine for some time will need to change the heater vacuum heating with change is that each user has to grasp things. Because heating in use for some time there will be no heat situation, this time you need to change.
    some customers ask why is there this situation? Because the heating-system in the process of using in high temperature, it once per heating oxide part when the whole heat when oxidized, that needs to change, and for vacuum packaging machine at this time there is no seal. Sometimes because of improper operation, resulting in heated contact with other metal objects short circuit when heated very short circuit may occur, resulting in heating-direct burning out, it also needs to be replaced. First is that the meter does not detect, and the second case is detected.
   : so how do we replace the vacuum heating wire? It was so easy, let me tell you about.
first, heat the vacuum packaging machine Assembly removed, release the link wire screw heater push, after which you can remove heater. Secondly, the heating film is taken off, and then remove the oxide layer heating fixing clamps, new heating-rotate in the Groove on the end of a week later, fastened to the insulation on the fixing block, also will be on the other end in another fixed block and tighten heater.

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