How to fix a vacuum packaging machine if excessive noise is a problem?
&Nbsp;  machinery and equipment at work will inevitably produce some sound, generally within an acceptable range. But if the sound was obviously too big and that is noise, excessive noise machine may be faulty. Vacuum packaging machine at work, voices mainly came from vacuum pumps, if sound is the need to check the following:
1. as a major voice from the vacuum pump, had a loud noise when the machine is working you should check vacuum pump wear of the coupling burst.
2. solenoid valve of the vacuum packaging machine may not be closing tightly, leading to leakage resulting in noise. Replaceable solenoid valve solution.
3. AC contactor is not, and may also generate noise.
4. check exhaust filter clogging or installation location is not correct, clean or replace the exhaust filter and install the correct one.
after all of the above checks, if noise cannot be ruled out. Then it is likely that the vacuum packaging machine takes too long to use, vacuum pump wear. Timely maintenance vacuum pump with no major mishap, and, where appropriate, consider replacing the vacuum pump.


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