Discussion on the innovation and development of the vacuum packaging machine analysis

      packaging in our lives are the most common popular, due to differences in industry, packaging requirements are also changing. Life is divided into many kinds of packaging according to the packaging, vacuum packaging, pillow-style packaging, there is also a common food packaging, filled in the amount of nitrogen in the bag. These more popular packaging is vacuum packed in packaging, vacuum packaging is also very wide range of applications. Universal application of vacuum packaging machines in the food market, especially the packaging of meat products. The food industry is undoubtedly a very strong part of the economy of the world, investment is very high, therefore, food packaging industry is a very large market. The industry is the largest buyer of vacuum packaging machines, has nearly 70% share, followed by the electronic products, such as IC, chips, circuit boards, purchase this industry accounted for 20% of the vacuum packaging machine purchases.

    face of the food industry for vacuum packing machine's high demand and intensifying market competition, innovation and development is undoubtedly one of the most effective means of competition. To technical innovation of vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine automatically taking the air inside the bag, meet scheduled to be completed after the vacuum sealing process. Also filled with nitrogen or other gas mixtures, and then complete the sealing process. In the course of work, vacuum in the bag is the key, if you are unable to meet the requirements of commercial vacuum packaging is not qualified. Production process, the safe use of the vacuum packaging machine is also a key for more information about safe use of the vacuum packaging machine, can deepen understanding of the vacuum packaging machine and thus help their innovations.

    development of the packaging machinery market in China is sound and vacuum packaging machines is important in the marketing of packaging machinery, so for vacuum packaging machine innovation also promotes the application market.


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