Continuous vacuum packaging machine new vacuum packaging equipment
Ever since the vacuum packaging machine, human life has been greatly changed. In the food industry, after vacuum packing food can long-term preservation quality, greatly improves the storage period. It also indirectly promotes the development of productive forces, and people are no longer worried about excessive amounts of food owing to the preservation of good and bad waste. In productivity and material abundance has also brought new problems, traditional vacuum packaging machine, packing speed, package of small, inefficient weaknesses at a glance was exposed.
in this case, people in urgent need of a quick batch of vacuum packaging equipment. Continuous vacuum packaging machine is in such cases appeared in people's vision, gradually came into our lives. Continuous type of vacuum packaging machine is a modern packaging machinery, conveyor belt conveyors, machine controlled by a PLC system, the entire packaging process to achieve a fully automated, greatly improving the efficiency of the packaging. It is suitable for all kinds of plastic film bags or aluminum foil composite film bag, for all kinds of raw and cooked food, meat products, ketchup, fruit, food products, medicines, chemicals, precision instruments, clothing, metal products, electronic components and other solid objects, liquids, powder vacuum packing.
as the market demand for continuous vacuum packaging machines grew so intense that many companies rushed into the industry, introduced a vacuum packaging machine products to market in a hurry. But there are many enterprises research and development is not strong on lax quality control of the product appeared on the market a lot of low-end low-quality vacuum packaging machine equipment, seriously damaged the industry's reputation. Shanghai Cheng Qi machinery started earlier on the development of vacuum packaging equipment accumulated deep technical details, the company always with strict standards to their own, hope to work with the vast number of consumers and promoting common development.


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