Analysis of vacuum packaging and refrigeration quality
&Nbsp;   social development today, the utmost abundance of material. How to enhance the safety of food, food storage becomes a very important issue. Initially used is the use of refrigeration technology and relatively simple method of food preservation. With the progress of science and technology, vacuum technology are widely used in the packaging industry, the emergence of vacuum packing machines for food, has broken a single method of cold storage, food packaging is more convenient and quick. The emergence of vacuum packing machines for food, greatly expand the market space in the food packaging industry, vacuum packaging technology has been widely used in various industries.
    refrigerated to not frostbite food and has preservation role for associate, refers to in below at room temperature but not below items freeze temperature conditions Xia of a preserved of method, in must of time within has anti-metamorphic, and rot of role, but it only slow food corruption of process, inhibit microbial of activities process, is cannot killed they, from a species meaning Shang for, refrigerated and no completely of reached food preservation of function, and using up also very of trouble, Especially large quantities of food is even more difficult to spread in cold storage. Food vacuum packaging machine is different, it can be pumped out the air inside the container component, clear food gas, put food in a vacuum environment, such a simple and efficient method of packing, suitable for high volume packaging, you can quickly spread. &Nbsp;   
    from the comparison of the refrigeration technology and vacuum technology, you can see the advantages of vacuum packaging machine for food much, simple operation, high efficiency, is the pursuit of modern enterprise and its effects, but also gives us a more lasting delicious, let us save the delicious food without worries. Also greatly reduces the waste of food industry seriously, as we create a safe and harmonious environment.


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